Am I mad? [Poem]

Am I mad?
I think I might be.
Is that bad?
Well more than likely. 

I met a fish
His name was Bob. 
He told me things. 
Hmm, that’s kinda odd. 

A fish that talks?
Okay that’s crazy 
But that little dude… 
…he was so lazy. 

I counted daffodils. 
They made me smile. 
I do like yellow. 
It’s back in style. 

You know they danced?
In front of me…
But I’m not queen. 
Not Freddy Mercury. 

I think I’m mad. 
But I don’t feel blue. 
It’s kind of fun. 
You could be too. 


Size [Poetry In motion]

It’s about average…
At least I think it is
No rulers anymore
I’ll leave it to the floor
But that’s what I’m going with

And sure the envy is there,
You’ve seen them all before
But i’m told they’re not great
So it’s best to not hate
when less is supposedly more

So what if i’m average?
And what if i’m less?
Will I be rejected?
‘Cause how can I be respected?
It really is anyone’s guess.

Getting a little flirty with the girl at customer services

So I had a funny experience today. I was calling a certain customer services today to make an enquiry about an issue I was having with a recent purchase and I end up speaking to the girl. And as I’m very much attracted to people’s accents, this girl immediately struck a nerve as she had a really lovely speaking voice. Now I don’t make a habit of getting all flirty with customer services but I couldn’t help myself. She was lovely and I found myself quite drawn to her. And I’ve never even see what she looks like. 

I guess it shows you that there is more to life than just what someone looks like. Hell, this girl made me melt by just saying my name.