So I had a pretty messed up day. 

It all started fine. Got ready for work, started work etc. All good. I was actually pretty excited about today because I had a bunch of presents coming for my Mum’s birthday. I bought her a scarf and handbag as well as a cute hedgehog shaped key ring. All really cute things. I also ordered some China mugs from Amazon which were really sweet. 

Anyway, my package arrives about 2pm and I eagerly open it up to see the goodies and one of my mugs is smashed to pieces. Part of me is angry with the driver but then again, Amazon never put on the box that it was fragile so should I be surprised? I had to chat with them anyway and I spoke with a complete idiot who took ages to comprehend what I was saying. After forty minutes of deliberation, we finally got to the point where I got my replacement sorted and all was well in the world. Well, so at least I thought. 

About five minutes after getting back to work, I all of sudden become overcome by excruciating pain. I should add that I have been having gastrointestinal issues now for a number of years but this was pain like I’ve never felt. I was bent over on the floor, I couldn’t sit down, I couldn’t lie down. It was unbearable.  Being a stupid proud man, I tried to shake it off. “No no, it’s okay” I said while I was writhing around on the floor. This continued on for 3 and a half hours. At this point, post powerful painkillers and all my usual treatments, I said “I can’t take this anymore. I need to go to hospital”. 

Now I hate going to hospitals.  Well, specifically, I hate going to Accident and Emergency because frankly nothing ever gets resolved there. But I had no choice. I needed help and my Dad, bless him, ran me down there to help me. 

When I got there, there was the usual stick. You register at the desk and then await to be seen. I was in such excruciating pain though that I just wanted help. Eventually, a nurse saw me and she gave me some more powerful painkillers. Things began to settle down a bit at that point and I waited patiently at the waiting section to see a doctor. In the end, I waited about 90 minutes to be seen which all in all wasn’t that bad. 

The doctor sadly wasn’t much help though. She gave me a prescription for more painkillers and she said that if it gets worse to come back. Really great huh? Anyway, after a period of time, I got home and now I feel like crap. The pain is absolutely excruciating still and I really wish I could just sleep. 

Nothing says Thursday night like a hospital though. 


Today: Me versus OCD

This video pretty much underlines the day I have had with OCD!

I’m not sure if I’m the one who walked away but either way, it was head to head all the way. 

Hello lunchtime

Oh thank you God! Lunchtime is here. Half of the day is at least done with and I feel like I’ve got a never ending pile of work to do. I’m feeling damn sleepy too. There is no rest for the wicked nor is there any for someone with an affective disorder. 

Today started off crazy as well. I came downstairs to find my mum doing some sort of spring clean in the autumn. I’m not sure why it had to be done today but I’m not one to judge. Anyways, I had some cornflakes for breakfast and off I went to work. Another day slaving over a hot keyboard. You’d think I’d be keeping away from typing during my lunch break, not blogging, but I felt it was needed to be done. 

Speaking of anxiety, I don’t think anyone, in the right mind, with it should play Alien Isolation. Even though I know it’s implausible, I half expected an alien to drop from my bedroom ceiling last night which isn’t conducive to being well rested. Actually, I didn’t do much last night which is annoying by itself. I don’t know about any of you guys but after going through a bunch of rituals and with a low general mood, I find it hard to get enthused about anything. So yesterday, I got to bed, lay on my bed, played with WordPress a bit and then just did nothing. I really should force myself to do something, anything even, but I just didn’t have the enthusiasm for it. Well, besides from playing with my three blogs. Actually, I don’t know why I have three. I like sharing things, it’s therapeutic but I found it quite hard/difficult to consolidate having a blog that contained sports news, poetry, general entertainment stuff and stuff about my OCD because it would just seem a bit too flighty and unfocused. At least this way, anyone reading won’t feel obliged to read wrestling news or vice versa. I probably should care less what people think but I’m still that insecure guy that wants people to like him. I *think* I’m nice. I hope people think so too. 

Anyway, it’s time for my nutrient shake and then I’m back to the drawing board. I hope you are all good and feel free to drop a line ūüôā