Is this appropriate for a so-called role model?

Wanted to share my thoughts on bullying with you guys from my other blog.

The Entertainment Patrol (and general musings)

I realise I might get a bit of stick for what I’m about to say but I’ll give it a shot anyway.

I recently revisited an old WWE Raw show after having a conversation with someone about a controversial “announcement” that Sasha Banks made on the show. Eager to find out what the deal was, and indeed why it upset some people, I went back to the Raw and watched the announcement again. WWE superstar Sasha Banks came in the ring and said she had an announcement to make regarding her injury. She seemed emotional and, hell, the build up in what she was saying wasn’t too far off from the retirement announcements of former WWE stars such as Edge. Then in typical WWE fashion, out comes the bad guy, in this case Dana Brooke, much to the anger of the fans. She said she was out there to finish…

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