Fat Shaming Social Experiment

The following video was posted on YouTube by the channel Trollstation. 

The video centres on two women who proceed to verbally abuse a fat gentleman while waiting in line at McDonalds. Please be aware that the following exchange is not pretty. Also, it is my understanding that the two women, the chunky gentleman and the guy with the drink are all actors. 

What is interesting with this video is that this is not uncommon. I have myself been verbally abused walking down the street to work by people who have stopped their car just to shout abuse at me. 

What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Fat Shaming Social Experiment

  1. It has happened to me. I was shouted at by a stranger who ranted at me about my size for an entire block as I was walking. Very hurtful.


    • Ridiculous really. I just feel like, “yeah F you got being so perfect”. One time I said “f you” to a gang of people who were berating me and they chased me down the street and were throwing pebbles at me. Nice huh?


  2. Who would do such a thing? Obviously, those people have a lot of their own problems to deal with.


    • I agree it is pretty sick. I think they just think they are being really clever. There are other ones just like that where they are body shaming people or shaming people for other reasons. I’m surprised they weren’t slapped. Nice to see that the two Asian guys stuck up for him though. There are some decent people around at least.

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