Fat shaming online 

The more I am online, the more unsurprised I become. 

Looking through WordPress and indeed the Internet, it amazes me just how many people stigmatise and shame your larger than average person. There are posts on here that speak of “fat” people having lower IQs and that they require a better general education. They also ferociously mock and even abuse people who disagree. 

I’m really sad to read this if I’m honest. As someone who suffers from mental health problems, I know that my weight fluctuates a lot dependent on my mood, my levels of anxiety and so on. I know I’m not thin or even average. I also have a very low self esteem which is, in part, down to my body perception. I’ve even said I hate myself many times before. I also imagine I am not alone in feeling this way. Stigmatising someone is a horrible thing. Some people seem so happy to stick labels on you too. 

People assume too much. If someone over eats, it’s because of being “stupid” or lack of will power. You assume it is their fault. They are weak or a failure. Or if domain is depressed or have OCD, they should just snap out of it like it is some easy thing to just do. If someone is mentally ill or if someone is obese or overweight, it shouldn’t be okay to mock someone or treat them like garbage. No one is the same. It doesn’t mean that they are overweight because they are lazy. That’s a judgement. If someone barely has the energy to get out of bed every day because of depression, they may not having going for a 5 mile run high on the agenda. Some days, getting by is all you can do. Before you mock someone or shame them, perhaps you should try walking in their shoes.  Many people are obese because they are trapped or because they have to prioritise. It doesn’t mean they are happy about it. Some people even get really upset by it. Life is not straight forward. 

People should spend last time judging others and focusing on themselves. And if they really feel the need to involve themselves with other people, perhaps they might offer to listen rather than mock them or tell them they are stupid. 

*Sorry if this does not make much sense – I am very angry right now*


6 thoughts on “Fat shaming online 

  1. People seriously can be cruel. My daughter in law is a big woman, bigger than most, and you will never find a more loving, caring and kind person. She is amazingly beautiful, mind, body and spirit. I love her so much. She has tried everything possible to lose the weight, but it’s a never ending battle for her. Our family love and adore her, whether she is big or small. It hurts every time I see people treat her badly, they don’t understand they are insulting a special lady, who would never hurt anyone, and it’s sad to witness the things the haters say and do to her. These trolls aren’t just attacking the obese person, they are hurting all the persons loved ones, as they have to witness the abuse. It’s a terrible thing. Abuse is abuse, and no one has the right to mistreat others, because they are different from others. The abusers are the ones with the problem, but they don’t get that. Big is beautiful 🙂 God Bless xxx

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  2. I think everything here made perfect sense – the anger (very justifiable) came across, as well it should.

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  3. I agree so much with this. I feel like it is so easy to body shame (or even just criticize or argue) online because you are “anonymous.” It gives people not just a platform, but a sense of security that I can say whatever I want. I live by the rule if I wouldn’t say it to some ones face, I shouldn’t post it online. Words are powerful and we definitely need to use them kindly and wisely


  4. It happens far too often. I feel as if it always happens. It’s very hurtful and mean. I’m sorry you’ve had to experience it, too.

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