I can be…charming? 

Well it’s been an interesting last few days. One of the major events has been that I have been in a overly long and painful back and forth conversation with a nameless company who resisted to pay me £50 cashback which was promised to me but which they then renaged on. £50 you say? Well it’s not that much but it’s the principal of the matter. And £50 IS a lot of money for me anyway. It’s not like I’m a Wolf of Wall Street. 

Anyway it’s amazing how rude some customer service people can be. In fact, when I called the original people back who made the promise, they said “not really my problem”, though it was obviously their fault, and that I should speak to their customer support team. Anyway, things went back and forth and I got a load of BS excuses from each one, each different to the last. I eventually said, “right that’s it” when one of their team  promised to call me back in the afternoon and didn’t and decided I was going to make a formal complaint. Now here is where it gets interesting…

So I call up the customer support team again and I’m all ready for a serious complaint – I’m ready to unleash hell! I go through all the options and the phone starts to ring and somebody answers it but doesn’t realise that I’m on the line. “Hello!” I say ten or so times and no one answers. Then, just when I’m about to hang up and redial, someone finally picks up the phone and answers. By this time I’m furious and I set off to have a moan when the girl on the end apologies profusely and my rage subsides slightly. I say not to worry and get about to explaining the circumstances that led to my call. I realise that the girl on the other end is South African. She’s polite and listens carefully to what I’m saying. And then the weirdest thing happens. Amidst what is meant to be a complaint, we start flirting. I’ve never experienced anything like this. We talk about whereabouts she is from and how I’ve always wanted to visit South Africa but never had the chance and I forget about even why I’m calling. After a few minutes, the girl gets back down to business and she takes down son notes about what happened and goes to her boss to explain the situation. By this time, I’m much calmer, if not self conscious. Why? I don’t reach know. 

Anyway, she gets back to me and she says that they are going to fix everything for me and she is really sorry. She then tells me that she is really happy I called and thanks me for brightening her day. Wait, wasn’t I making a complaint? Shouldn’t I be the one thanking her for helping me?

And now all I can wonder is…am I charming to South Africans? People have complimented me on my voice before but that is a new one…


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