Today: Me versus OCD

This video pretty much underlines the day I have had with OCD!

I’m not sure if I’m the one who walked away but either way, it was head to head all the way. 


3 thoughts on “Today: Me versus OCD

  1. Ahh degus! We have 3 of our own, they are great little critters, although you would not like to see them in a real fight – they can be vicious little buggers! Nice to “meet” you by the way 🙂

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      • They are great little critters. That’s cool that you have a bond with the ones in the pet store I’m sure they love having a a familiar face visit them 🙂 They do need a bit of space as although many people keep them in the cage sold in Pets at Home they are most definitely better off in a much bigger cage! Thanks for the link I will check it out, I love animals too 🙂
        Degus like most rodents won’t bite unless you really antagonise them, they are unwell, afraid or if you get between them while they are having a serious fight. I haven’t been bitten at all but my partner has twice I think and he said that they aren’t that painful just a short sharp nip but it was an itchy type of pain afterwards. But we have been keeping deugs since March 2014 so 2 bites over the time is nothing really. They also sometime nibble you gently as it’s a sign of affection as it’s how they groom each other 🙂


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